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About Me

"Freedom from choice is what you want." -- DEVO

As a cerebral goddess in a mortal body, and a bottom to my loved ones, I know what it's like to need a quiet place to relax. In D/s we create that space together. It can be a physical container, like a bondage sack or cage. It can be a mental and/or emotional zone, where we decide who or what you are for the duration of our session. Energy creates energy, whether it's soft and comforting or loud and cathartic.

Unwind your mind by doing as I say, and nothing more.

I'm a friend, a daughter, a lover, a nurturer, a believer in community, art and beauty; I'm a dominatrix. I'm a woman. That's everything: maiden, mother, crone. The new and full moon. The snake that bites its tail. The subject of art and philosophy for eons. The object of your desire. 

You are just as complex. You bring something to me that wants to be seen. 

"I wanted to drive life into a corner, and reduce it to its lowest terms, and, if it proved to be mean, why then to get the whole and genuine meanness of it; or if it were sublime, to know it by experience." 
-- Thoreau (paraphrased)




Tease and Denial






Foot worship

High Heels/Stockings



Pet play

Role play




Sensory deprivation




Dama's Charm School $400/monthly

Whether your goal is to accomplish something you've been avoiding or to show everyone what a slut you are, I'll make achieving it more fun. A month of domination and D/s that includes:

4 weekly assignments 

2 30-minute phone or video chats

Social media humiliation/objectification takeover

Foot Fetish Sessions $300/hr

Are you a stiletto fetishist? Me too. Do you love soft and scrunchy soles, perfectly proportioned red-painted toes, and lovely arches? Do you like being stepped on and tormented by a sharp heel or heavy boot? If you want to worship me, you'll start at the bottom.


Domination Exploration $250/hr (1.5 hr minimum)

Have you experienced a tasting with me or merely dreamed about it? Further explore your deviance, and the limits of your obedience, in the dungeon under my command. Respectfully contact me to receive my session application.

I hold sessions at the beautiful, women-owned professional dungeon Sub Rosa in Portland, Oregon.

Inquiries MUST be accompanied by 2 recent Domme or play partner references.


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